Purely is a preventative, regenerative approach
to your health.

Disease takes years to manifest, why wait for a diagnosis when you have the power to prevent? The body speaks to you with signs and symptoms, don’t suppress these with pharmaceutical drugs, hear them. Purely uses the very best techniques in natural medicine to find the root cause of health complaints both minor and complex from digestive complaints to chronic fatigue and cancer, rebalancing the mind and body. Founded by Nutritional Therapist Daniela Lawler, you will be taken through a personal, in-depth one hour consultation, using the very best in functional testing where necessary to guide your personal treatment plan. We are all unique, not one plan should be the same. Live your life with energy and vitality. Be the best You!

Free consultation

Unsure if Purely is right for you? Get in touch and book your free 15 minute telephone consultation. Purely deals with all chronic conditions, weight loss, common children’s conditions such as asthma/eczema and allergies as well as unexplained symptoms you want answers to.

Nutritional Consultation: 1 hour £80 (also available on Skype/Zoom) – I will go through your full medical history and present dietary interventions that suit you along with natural supplementation.

Mitochondrial Therapy:  30 mins £60 – only available on face-face consultations – this is the HRV test alone for mitochondrial therapy intervention along with specific supplement recommendations for the therapy (supplements are charged separately)

Nutritional Consultation w/Mitochondrial Therapy: 90 minutes £120 – This session is face-face and includes both the full nutritional consultation with HRV test for mitochondrial intervention

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What do our clients say?

“I took my 8 year old son to see Daniela following years of suffering from bowel issues & constipation which had started to affect him both socially and emotionally. Daniela was able to look at the root cause of his issues and suggest a treatment plan to improve his symptoms. After just a couple of weeks his discomfort had eased and I’m thrilled to say he’s now symptom free. I only wish we’d done this sooner”.

– Sara B

“I didn’t believe my thyroid problem could be successfully controlled with medication alone as suggested by my NHS consultant so I elected to see a nutritionist privately in Birmingham. It was found that I was very deficient in Vitamin D and the thyroid profile suggested I had Hashimoto’s Disease.

At no time did the NHS determine that I was so low in Vitamin D but after vitamin D replacements and a gluten and dairy free diet my thyroid is back to normal.”.

– G. Morris

“I approached Daniela at Purely following a recommendation. I have a long term health issue I wanted to tackle an alternative way. A very thorough diagnosis followed by a combination of diet and fitness changes and some natural supplements. A new direction but I can feel the difference after a couple of weeks. A very positive experience with constant support and I am enjoying the lifestyle change”.

– S. Merill

E daniela@purelyyou.com
T 07736 347 585