Mitochondrial Testing? Stool Testing? Allergy & Food Intolerances? Antibodies to Organs? 



The Options are Endless 





 As my patient I will not only guide you through dietary & lifestyle changes, I can combine this with the cutting edge, scientifically researched mitochondrial therapy, for the ultimate healing experience.  If you don’t fancy mitochondrial therapy, that’s not a problem, my options and tool box are endless. I have access to the most advanced labs in the UK & the States, which provide us with the ability to see how well the body is functioning on all different levels. Have you ever wondered how well your digestive system is working, how well you absorb your nutrients, how well you are detoxifying, what your genetic pool is predicting, or if your hormones are working correctly, or which food is causing you to bloat? This is just the tip of the ice-burg of the discoveries we can make together.

How Do I Work?

After booking in for a consultation, you will be sent questionnaires on your medical history as well as a 7 day food diary. This allows me to have a good understanding of your case and the triggers and drivers for your current state of health. During the one hour in-depth initial consultation, I will go through your complete medical history including significant events in your life, because you are a whole person, mind, body and spirit, and all these details effect the person standing in front of me. We, together, will then decide the best course of action, whether you want to have the mitochondrial HRV test, or whether other testing will be beneficial. 

At the end of all this you will be sent a personalised plan that is all about you, food that suits you, and any natural food based supplements that I feel would be beneficial. We will then connect on a regular basis to ensure your success on your journey. You will not be given anything to do that you cannot achieve.

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