About Daniela


I’m Daniela Lawler a fully qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist gaining my diploma from the renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine. I currently host my own monthly health radio show and I am also a nutritional writer for ’The Functional Medicine Magazine’. I am extremely passionate about the natural health industry and I want to use my knowledge to help people gain control of their flailing health. I believe the current medical model does not assist people in making a full recovery from what ever diagnosis they have been given.

We live in a society of a pill for an ill, which is not a cure, but a simple suppression of symptoms, but I want my clients to be different. I want to help you gain control of your health, so you can live your life with energy and vitality, and I can help you do this by giving you the correct education you need to do so. I can help you with dietary interventions and natural supplements that will support your body in healing itself. I will help you do this with full support and education that will include personalised documentation, delicious recipes, as well as lifestyle ideas that will suit you and your life, aiding you to full recovery.

E daniela@purelyyou.com
T 07736 347 585