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Once you have had your free telephone consultation and have decided that Purely is right for you, you will receive a number of documents to fill out. This will include a full medical case history, a food diary, the terms and conditions and a symptoms questionnaire. These documents really help to guide me in pulling together a treatment plan, as the work begins way before our first meeting. I will then conduct in-depth research into your case, pulling together the triggers and drivers contributing to your condition, drawing together a rough plan of which we will discuss then finalise in our face-to-face meeting.
During your 1 hour consultation, I will ask more in-depth questions to guide my understanding of your case. I will discuss the possible causes of your condition and together we will agree on a course of action; this will include a dietary plan, any further investigations/testing to ascertain a deeper understanding of your condition, which will either be conducted through your GP or private labs if this is unavailable through the NHS.  You will not be asked to do anything you can’t achieve and we will work at a pace that suits you and your lifestyle.  Supplements may also be recommended and will be uniquely presented to you with therapeutic doses to aid your journey to optimal health.

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