Drinking 2ltrs of water a day or more is not necessarily good for you and is not scientifically proven and can do more harm than good. You can actually dilute those important electrolytes in the body. Think about it the more you drink the more you pee!

Drink little sips through the day when your thirsty, but you can also make your water more beneficial for you by adding the following:

Magnesium – this brand ReMag is in a picometer-ionic form of magnesium which is easily absorbed by the cells. Most people are magnesium deficient and it is probably one of the most abundantly used minerals in the body and deficiency is associated with many symptoms and diseases! I use 1 cap of this a day to reach my requirements.

Salt – I sprinkle a little salt into my water to provide my body with all the essential trace minerals. Pink salt is a fantastic source.

Squeeze of lemon – lemons are extremely alkalising on the body-acidic bodies a more favourable to disease so keep yours more alkaline!