Mitochondrial Medicine & HRV Testing

What are Mitochondria?

Mitochondria are known as the power house of our cells. They are responsible for making energy in the form of ATP, the energy currency of the body. If our mitochondria can not make energy efficiently cells begin to die, and this is the underlying cause of ALL disease, failed mitochondria.

What is the History of Mitochondrial Therapy?

Mitochondrial Therapy TM was first brought to the UK in 2010 by Sheri Dixon, a registered nutritional therapy consultant, after a chance meeting with Russian scientist & Anti-ageing specialist Dr Kucera in 2009. Mitochondrial Therapy TM was born from the mitochondrial medicine discovered ny Dr.Kucera and team. The magic was in the amino acid L-carnosine. Having studied this for 15 years by Dr.Kucera, Prof Bereneva & Prof.Baevsky found that L-carnosine had amazing anti-ageing benefits specifically within regards to the mitochondria, and it helped to address the stress the astronauts experienced during space flights. Time in space aged their mitochondria 8 years for every 1 year in space. It is said that mitochondria degeneration is at the root cause of all disease.

How Does It Work?

Mitochondrial medicine is very easy to do and starts with a Heart Rate Variability test. The test takes 3 minutes whilst you sit comfortably in a chair. The results are interpretted to you, and it will be discussed by your practitioner if this therapy is useful for you. You simply take the supplements specifically formulated by Dr.Kucera, and will return to your practitioner every 8-12 weeks for a retest and to discuss your progress. Symptom changes can occur between 8-20 weeks. Please note that the supplements are not included in the test price and average at £120pm.

What are the Benefits of Dr.Kucera’s diet supplement?

  • A natural anti-ageing amino acid
  • Levels decline with the ageing process
  • Counteracts anti-ageing processes that involve the mitochondria, oxidation and glycation
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Binds heavy metals

Diseases That Respond Positively to Carnosine Supplementation

  • This therapy works well for most people, to discuss elegibility please call Purely direct

What About General Over the Counter Carnosine Products?

Dr. Kucera’s formula is a highly concentrated dose, and to reach the same therapeutic levels of this you would need to have 300mg per kilo of body weight every 3 hours!

How Do I Get Tested for this Therapy?

All that you will need to do is undergo an Heart Rate Variability test. Please call Purely to discuss you eligibility

(please note supplements are not included in the test price)


Interview with Dr.Kucera on Success of Mitochondrial Therapy on Autism & Cancer

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