Mitochondrial Medicine Case Study

Why food alone is not a healer.


My 5 year old daughter.


Digestive issues
Multiple food intolerances


When my daughter was 2 years old she contracted a food borne bacteria, campylobacter. Her symptoms were bloody stools, which were terrifying. After a positive test result we took the decision for her to use antibiotics in order to eradicate this bacteria. Previous to this, she was a Pharma free child, never consuming Calpol or any other medications, weaned onto organic natural foods, abstaining from gluten and pasteurised dairy milk drink, and refined sugar. She was breast fed for 2 years and had a natural birth without the use of pain reliving medications.

6 months later she started to develop a rash on her face, which after much investigation we pin pointed to dairy. As soon as all dairy products were 100% removed from her diet the rash was gone within 3 weeks.

Another 6 months passed and she started to develop the same rash again, but was still 100% dairy free, I decided to run the Genova Diagnostics ONE test which looked at how the body was performing overall. The results were shocking, my daughter’s body was not functioning properly. She was not absorbing her nutrients, running into deficiencies, her digestive system was showing positive for malabsorption markers and an overgrowth of bacteria, her body was showing high toxicity levels, and so on. On top of this we did a blood test to see if she was a coeliac, and also looked at food intolerances, of which she was reacting to around 30 foods! Her body was failing her. If I didn’t change this picture my daughter would be a prime candidate for a disease.

From this I took the decision to put my daughter on an intense gut healing protocol. This is a general protocol used by alternative practitioners to bring the gut into a state of repair. My daughter began on a diet called GAPS. This was designed to heal the gut and bring her body back into balance.

The road ahead was tough, for the following 12 months, my daughter underwent this gruelling diet. She was only allowed to eat vegetables, meat, bone broth, stewed apples — she was completely grain free, sugar free, dairy and egg free for this period. She also took various supplements to aid healing and the removal of the overgrowth of inhospitable bacteria.

After 4 months on this diet all her eczema disappeared (by this time it was on the back of her legs, thighs, wrists, and face) — during this 4 month period the healing process was not linear, her eczema did rage at points and I thought this was all part of the healing.

After the 4 months she looked great and was sparkling.

The process was so stressful because we could never eat out as a family, she only went to one birthday party, which we took her own food, and every meal I lovingly prepared from scratch in accordance to her dietary guidelines. After 12 months we decided to bring in eggs, and as soon as we did the eczema started again……why? I questioned, why is her gut not healing after 12 months?

I repeated the ONE test to see what healing had taken place. I wasn’t expecting full healing but at least for the test results to be better.

To my utter shock, everything was worse. I was devastated. WHY? WHY? I kept asking myself, what had gone so wrong, what was I missing from this picture. I couldn’t sleep for nights after this, searching for an answer of why this process had not worked. What were my options now?

Speaking to another therapist, I was told to do more blood tests, see if she had any virus or bacteria that was stopping her heal. I couldn’t put her through more blood tests, she was 4 years old at this point and I didn’t want to put her through more misery.

This is what lead me to Mitochondria Therapy……a plea on a Facebook group opened up a conversation and a mother saying that this therapy had cured her sons anaphylactic nut allergy in 6 months! I looked this therapy up and spoke to Sheri Dixon, the very lady who brought this therapy to the UK.

She was so kind and spent an hour of her time on the phone to me. She herself was a nutritional therapist of 30 years, a speaker and a tutor. She totally understood my situation and explained why this gut healing method had not worked and that she found the functional medicine methods didn’t work for many people because the regulatory systems in the body were out of balance so the body could not heal. Foods and supplements were basically being thrown into an empty hole and the body was unable to use them. My gut healing methods were great at suppressing symptoms but the body could not heal.

My daughter under went the testing (see info on this on the Mitochondrial Therapy page). Her score was terrible, her body was totally stressed out. After this gut wrenching result she started on the therapy. 16 weeks later she was symptom free with clear skin. 12 months later I retested her on the Genova ONE test. Her result was still poor but had started to move back in the right direction. This was when the penny dropped for me, her body was not in a position to heal so we were basically throwing food, money, supplements into an empty hole. The gut healing method for her was only a symptom suppression method.

She still has a way to go but at least we are now on the right road. The moral of my story is food is not necessarily medicine if the body is not in a place to heal. You need a medicine to tip the body back into balance then food can help to rebuild only from this point.

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