Nutritional Therapy

If you wish to have a nutritional consultation alone, this will last around 1 hour.

Prior to our meeting you will be sent questionnaires on your medical history as well as a 7 day food diary for you to fill out and return.

The Consultation will delve deeper into your case and we will decide the best course of action. If it is dietary interventions you want to make, we will just work with food, but we can add any extra testing onto this and food based natural supplements should you wish to enhance your therapy ( supplements & testing not included in price )

Mitochondrial Therapy

This test is 3 minutes long. It is much like an ECG. You will sit comfortably in a chair for the duration and have clips on your ankles and your wrists. Afterwards you will be provided with a reading of which the results will be explained to you. 

You will then take the mitochondria based supplements and the test will be repeated in 8-12 weeks time (supplements not included)

Please see Mitochondrial Therapy page for a more in-depth explanation of the benefits of this therapy

Combined Mitochondrial & Nutrional Therapy

This consultation will be a full nutritional consultation as detailed above with the HRV test for the mitochondrial therapy. This is the most popular package and taken together you will save £10.

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